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Ronald W Stokes CPA, PC provides clients with customized management, accounting and financial support every step of the way. Whether you are CEO who needs a sounding board, a CFO who needs a more objective viewpoint or specialized services, or if your business needs a CPA who can act as the CFO when needed, I can tailor a plan for you. Because your business life has a direct or indirect affect on your personal life, ask how my personal financial planning services can help you achieve your goals and provide you with more peace of mind.

personal financial planning

Ronald W Stokes CPA, PC cares about your personal and business interests. With tailor-made personal financial planning services at your disposal, we can work together to create and maintain a quality financial plan. My goals-based planning process can be customized to be a fully comprehensive retirement plan or a segmented plan on how you are going to be able to send your kids to college. The result is a living, breathing plan that you can use a map to help you achieve your goals (including needs, wants and dreams).  I specialize in the objective planning process and will never try and "sell" you anything.  With a well-developed plan in place, you can concentrate on the things that matter most.

Financial statement analysis

Ronald W Stokes CPA, PC offers all the resources you need to be a responsible citizen in terms of finances. Often, accounting issues result from lack of information. I’ve gained expertise and experience in related fields so I can properly advise clients on their finances. I carefully advise clients on all taxes and other accounting issues in order to avoid errors and make sure important documents are filed on time. Explore my site to learn more about my areas of expertise.

Third Party ASsurance

Financial statement reviews, compilations, management reports, contractor's licenses


Industry areas include distribution, manufacturing, value-added resellers, software development, retail, entertainment, start-ups


"The only certainties in this life are..."

The old adage can be a half-truth. We are blessed to live in America but taxes are too high.  That said, you need an ethical CPA who is intimately familiar with the federal and various state and local tax codes.  Every dollar you spend in taxes takes away from you growing your business or meeting payroll or paying off debt.  You need a CPA who will work with you year round (not just during tax season) to help you make decisions that take taxes into account.


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